Locations for Your Dream Engagement Photos in Downtown Denver



If you’re thinking tall pillars and the white marble look. Byron White is a stunning location for these classic and timeless feels. The architecture of this building is so stunning and is a beautiful backdrop all year around. Make sure to time it right when the sun is gleaming on the pillars and steps. This creates a warm glow on the marble. This location might be a little crowded at times, as there is no reservation system. You might have to wait a few minutes to get the perfect shot, but it’s well worth the wait. This location is also a few blocks away from some great street shots, bars, and buildings for more city feel photos. NOTE: you may not take photos inside, just around the outside.


Rooftops are so fun for engagement photos. After paying a small parking garage fee, it’s a great (usually private) space that allows for setup and props if needed. They also give a unique view of the city to enjoy as the sun sets. Be sure to look for and read all rules around the buildings. Some have strict no photo rules, and it’s probably best to adhere to them and avoid fines. The best tool to finding the best spots is google maps looking for the “P” parking sign and checking if they’re open to the public!


Union Station is a beautiful spot, but it comes with a lot of rules and permit restrictions. The inside train station is a public area, so you can shoot anywhere with NO flash. Going up to the next level, there is a bar and access to some private rooms in the hotel. These are historic properties, so you must have a permit before shooting here. There are some unique stairs leading up to more floors as well as a great view of the train station lobby. There is also an “old school feel” elevator that is perfect for some sneaky kiss shots. Overall, this is a great location to get out of the cold in the winter.


Milk Market is one of the coolest alleyways in Denver. There are several restaurants and shops that line the alleyway. There are unique floral arrangements in some and fun bar seating. Most stores have been very welcoming for photos, and urge you to come inside for any photos you need. The alley is also lined with lights that give it a magical feel at blue hour. Highly suggest stopping inside for a little treat or dinner from one of the many options inside!


Some of my favorite photo locations are ones unique to your relationship. Pick your favorite restaurant or favorite food and go on a date night with your photographer!! Stop into one of the cute coffee shops and sip on lattes together. Go for drinks at your favorite bar or window shop in some stores. These truly make for the best photos!!