Why Choose Storytelling Photos for Your Wedding Day?


Storytelling Photography is just that, telling a story through photos. The significance behind this style of photography is evoking emotions and experiences, putting feelings into still photos, and creating a uniquely beautiful way to look at yourselves. As a couples’ photographer, I have gravitated towards this style, because it feels like taking screenshots from my favorite romance dramas. Being able to tell your personal love story is made up of candid shots and angles, A LOT of motion and movements, and raw emotions. With these true and real emotions, come real facial expressions, skin textures, smile lines, messy hair, and sometimes dirty clothes. I tend to think of some of my adventurous elopement couples for this style.

Some words to describe this type of photography are candid or documentary style, intimate, easy, loose and relaxed, un-posed or loosely posed.

Can You Have Storytelling Style in Larger High End Weddings?

Absolutely! If your dream wedding is in a luxurious castle on the coast, you can still have the high-fashion, editorial poses mingled in with some documentary and storytelling in your wedding day. The beauty of this style of photography is that it is so genuine and intentional. It is incredibly detail oriented from the floral arrangements and the bride to the guests hugging and grandmas crying. It captures the spilled cocktails and messy plates, the handshakes of fathers, and the light peering in through the windows. You’ll be left with photos just as timeless as your venue.

Why Should I Choose a Photographer with This Style?

This is evidence. This is evidence of your love and how loved you are. This is beautiful visual proof of your loved ones wrapping you in their arms. It’s proof of how stunning and vast the world is and how you had the opportunity to say your vows amidst it. Time is fleeting and your timeless photos will remain true to the love you held on that day.