Downtown Denver Engagement Sessions


Picking Locations: Where to go?

The biggest question I get is “We don’t know where to take photos! Do you have any suggestions?”. You’re in luck! I have many 🙂 My favorite spots in downtown Denver offer unique architecture and stand as iconic pieces of the city. An incredibly popular spot is the Byron White Courthouse. With its towering beams and beautiful marble steps, it creates a romantic and elevated feel to your photos. During certain times of the year, it can be full of elopements, portraits, and graduation students getting their photos taken. There is plenty of room to share the space, but there might be a few waiting moments here and there. There are no permits required to shoot on the outside areas of the courthouse.

Another favorite location is Union Station. This is a great storytelling location with the benches at the train stop, hustle and bustle of people all around, and the unique bar and cafe inside. Currently undergoing a lot of construction, the inside is closed off during renovations. The upstairs bar and cafe has permit requirements, and flash is not allowed any where in the building. Although there are more restrictions in this location, it still offers a unique setting all year around. It can be the best option for winter photos to stay out of the cold.

Rooftops are a fun way to incorporate city views into your photos. If your session is at sunset, the reflection off of the buildings and the city lights into blue hour are so stunning. Rooftops are usually wide open spaces that can be perfect for a personal setup of props. This can make the session a little more special, especially in elopements.

My final favorites are locations that mean something to YOU and your story! If you share a favorite restaurant, type of food, first date location, bookstore, record stores, and parks. These are the photos you will cherish the most, because they are in a meaningful place! The courthouse is beautiful, but does it tell a part of your story? It might seem a little different to have me tag along on a sushi date, but if it’s “your thing” you do together, lets document it! My engagement sessions in Denver are anywhere in the city from 1.5-2 hours. This allows for plenty of time and options to incorporate things that feel like your love.

Session Prep: How to Set Yourselves Up for a Stress-Free Session!

A huge part of my process in creating your dream engagement photos is learning about your story and what makes you both “you”. I will send a personal questionnaire to your email a few weeks before your session. There are questions about your love languages and your favorite memories. I ask about what makes you feel comfortable and if there are specific movies and songs you get inspiration from. Along with this questionnaire, you receive a prep email about what to wear, what to expect, and other FAQ’s. My hope is that your arrive feeling confident and excited. If there are any nerves of being in front of the camera, I usually see them melt away after a few easy prompts. With a storytelling and documentary approach, I try to be hands off and capture your authentic connection. You’ll receive a great variety and mix of some intentional portraits and “free feeling” photos.

Are you ready for your dreamy downtown photos? Head to my inquiry page to get started!